Attractive Window Treatment Ideas For Every Room

Balloon shades, panels, drapes, valances – there's so much that goes into window treatments. How you dress your windows influences the décor of the rest of your room. Select the most attractive window treatments according to the style of your room.


Quite often you want privacy and darkness in your bedroom, which means putting up shades. A simple way to dress up the shade-covered window is with a valance.  Valances can be a simple stretch of fabric, but they're very attractive when either box pleated or hung as a swag of fabric. Add a little texture to your space by selecting valances with patterns.


Shades are very common for bathrooms to add privacy. However, a unique option is a designer window film. The film is applied directly to the glass, making it appear like you have an etched glass pane. Window films can be used on any window, and are great if the space feels too compact for a curtain.


Most times you want your kitchen to maintain an airy appeal, yet a stark window isn't attractive. Café curtains are one way to add charm. Café curtains are a simple swath of fabric that hangs across only half the window on a straight rod. Choose a fabric that complements your kitchen décor. If you really want to keep the sun shining in, select café curtains in a gauzy fabric.

Breakfast Nook

If your kitchen features a breakfast nook, you may want to treat the windows a little differently. Quite often you place the nook in a bay or at least somewhere that catches the sun. For a breakfast nook, then, consider two tiers of window treatments. Hang sheer panels that filter the sunlight. To keep the look cohesive with the rest of the kitchen, though, select balloon shades or valances in the same fabric as your café curtains.

Living Room

Many living rooms have bay windows to enhance the view, and that can be tricky for window treatments.  Better Homes and Gardens suggests treating each window as a separate unit, but with matching treatments. For instance, have a curtain rod custom-made for your bay window, and hang coordinating drapes along it.

Dining Room

If you have a traditional dining room, you'd probably like more formal window treatments for the space. In that case, start with a cornice, which is similar to a valance but made out of wood and covered in fabric. Hang from that sheer panels. Top the look with more formal shades. Having all three affords you options for how formal or airy your windows are at any given time.

Do you have a more formal living room and a bay window in your bedroom instead? Adapt the above ideas for any window in your home. You may wish to consult with a professional like F & R Interiors to learn about the best window treatments for the windows you have in your home.