Use Precast Stone Paving Blocks To Make A Square-Shaped Fire Pit In Your Backyard

If you enjoy barbecuing throughout the summer and sitting by a fire on chilly nights during other times of the year, install a square-shaped fire pit in your backyard by completing the following instructions. 


  • measuring tape
  • ground spray paint
  • precast stone paving blocks
  • garden shovel
  • gravel
  • tamper
  • paving block adhesive
  • paintbrush
  • firewood
  • barbecue grate

Mark The Ground And Dig A Trench

Inspect your backyard and choose a flat part of the ground to install the fire pit on. Use a measuring tape and ground spray paint to mark four equal side that form a square. When shopping for precast stone paving blocks, use the measurements that were taken and the height that you would like the fire pit to be in order purchase enough blocks.

Use a shovel to dig a small trench directly over each marked portion of the ground. Make sure that the trench is deep enough to hold the first row of paving blocks. Flatten around the base of the trench with a tamper. Add a thin, even layer of gravel in the base of the trench. The gravel will assist with drainage and will prevent the first row of paving blocks from shifting.

Install The Initial Row

Use a paintbrush to secure the sides of the first two stones that will be lined up next to each other with an even coat of paving block adhesive. Insert the bottom of the stones in the trench and use the tamping tool to press them downward until they are stabilized. Apply adhesive to the sides of the remaining blocks that make up the initial row and will be attached to an adjacent block. Once the first row is installed and all of the stone blocks are attached, allow plenty of time for the adhesive to dry.

Install The Remaining Rows

Install the remaining precast stone blocks with the same steps until the fire pit contains as many rows as you had planned on. Apply an even coat of adhesive to the bottom, top, or sides of blocks that will be connected to other blocks. Wait for the adhesive to dry after each new row is installed. Place a pile of firewood in the center of the fire pit. Cover the top of the pit with a barbecue grate.

When you would like to use the fire pit, light the firewood with a long, grill lighter. Once the wood is burning evenly, place the grate over the pit and prepare hamburgers, hot dogs, vegetables or any other food items that you like on it. Once you are done grilling, douse the flames with a water hose. Use the fire pit to light up your backyard and remain warm and toasty on cool nights, as well.