Learn How To Create A Custom Frame For Your Bathroom Mirror

If you want to update the look of your bathroom without spending a fortune, consider updating the look of the mirror that hangs above your sink. The mirror is often one of the first things you notice when walking into a bathroom and creating a frame around it will give the room an entirely new look. Creating the frame will be easier than you think.

Use the following guide to learn how to make a custom frame for the mirror in your house in just one day:

Measure the Mirror

First and foremost, you need to know the dimensions of the mirror to ensure that you are able to create a frame that will fit it perfectly. Take a tape measure and measure the height and width of the mirror.

Choose the Wood

Go to a home improvement store and look for decorative wood molding. The molding will be available with many different designs and with many different widths. You want to be sure that you choose a wood that is wide enough to create a bold frame around your mirror.

Cut the Wood

Once you have chosen the wood you want to use to make the frame, take it to an associate in the woodworking section of the store. Give the associate the exact dimensions of your mirror and have him or her cut the wood into pieces that fit your needed dimensions.

Before he or she starts cutting, request to have the ends cut at 45-degree angles. These angles will fit flush against one another to create the corners of the frame.

Paint the Frame

Next, get a can of spray paint and lay the pieces flat on an old sheet outside. Use the spray paint to paint them with a thin coat of paint. Allow the paint to dry thirty minutes and then paint the frame a second time. Let that coat of paint dry for two hours and then continue with the frame building process.

Hang Your Frame

Start with the bottom piece of your fame and hold it flush against the top of your sink. You want to be sure that the wood is situated so that the angles that were cut in the wood have the small side of the angle facing up toward the ceiling. This will allow you to hold the side pieces flush against the bottom piece of wood to create the perfect right angles for the frame.

Secure the piece of wood into place with ½-inch small-head nails. Hold the right piece of the frame in place and secure it the same way. Continue securing the wood until the frame is complete.

The frame will stay in place until you choose to take it down. If you have chosen a piece of intricately designed wood, you could customize it even more with acrylic paint and a small paintbrush. The sky is the limit when it comes to updating your bathroom with a unique frame for your mirror. To learn more, contact a company like http://www.kitchenvillage.com.