Essential Oils And Bubble Baths: Filling The Air With Relaxation

There are few things in the world as relaxing as a warm bubble bath, and you can add to the experience by diffusing your favorite essential oil in the bathroom. As the scent of lavender or peppermint fills the air, your senses are able to unwind from even the most stressful day, but how do you get the oil into the air? You cannot simply open the bottle and hope for the best. You need a diffuser. There are a few basic types on the market today. 

Vapor Diffuser

Many of the essential oil brands on the market today sell their own version of a vapor diffuser. In this type of model, you pour distilled water and oil into a reservoir and turn it on. The machine turns the water into steam and sends little puffs into the air a different intervals. This sounds basic enough, but there are a few drawbacks. These varieties can be very expensive. Some models can sell for over $100, and then you still have to purchase the oils to go in them. Another drawback is the need for distilled water in these units. Using even boiled or purified water can cause them to become stopped up and quit working.

Electric Candle Warmer

One creative way of diffusing your oils at bath time would be to use an electric candle warmer. Place a bit of oil and water or unscented wax into the warming plate or bowl of the candle warmer and turn it on. Within minutes, you have a simple DIY oil diffuser. However, this method can be a bit dangerous. Water and electricity do not mix, so don't even think about putting it on the side of the tub. Also, you must also be careful not to run out of water in the device if you are not using wax, because if the warming plate or bowl becomes dried out, it can crack from the heat. 

Tealight Oil Warmer

The most basic way of diffusing oils, and the one that has been around for the longest time, is a tealight oil warmer. These small devices are simple to use and great for baths. Plus there is no risk of electric shock when using them close to the tub, and they give off a warm candle glow that can enhance your bath experience even further. Tealight oil warmers are also quite simple to use. Simply add some water to the bowl above the candle, place a few drops of oil in the water, and light the candle. A couple of drops of a good quality oil should last for your entire bath, as long as you don't fall asleep.

Different diffusing methods certainly have their place. Vapor diffusers can be helpful for night when you are sleeping, and candle warmers are wonderful for getting rid of smells in the kitchen. However, the best oil diffuser for bath time is definitely a tealight oil warmer.