How To Choose A Modern Office Chair Based On Trends

The humble office chair is much more than just a place to sit as you tap away at a computer; it's also a way to protect your body from the effects of poor posture, as well as an important design element in its own right. Rather than simply choosing a chair based on what looks good or feels good, consider choosing chairs inspired by the latest office design trends. These chairs will not only provide comfort and style, but may also contribute to company goals like fostering creativity and maximizing flexibility among employees.

Add Color for Creativity

Office designers have discovered that using high contrast designs and pops of color can boost workplace creativity and help workers break free of the old way of doing things. This could be as simple as using aluminum or steel chairs to contrast with a traditional wooden desk. It could also mean pairing a bright white chair with a metal or wooden table. Those looking to move a little bit further outside of the box may consider modular workstations in white, with chairs in red, green and other bold shades to add a pop of color. 

Stay Flexible

There's no place in the modern office for furniture that's completely fixed in place. Businesses who want flexible workers can create a flexible workplace using furniture that can easily be rearranged as needed. This means chairs -- and desks or tables -- with wheels so they can be moved from place to place, or rearranged into a new configuration to meet the needs of different groups or projects. Look for locks to keep chairs and tables from shifting when you don't want them to and consider flexible features like swivel table holders that can be tucked out of place when not in use.

Collaborative Spaces

While the modern workplace is more open than in the past, employees still need access to smaller, private spaces. These small spaces are convenient for collaborating on a project or holding a small meeting. When it comes to choosing chairs, these collaborative spaces provide a tremendous opportunity to think outside of the box. Consider overstuffed armchairs, tall tables and bar stools, or stylish variations on the traditional office chair to add meeting space without overwhelming the overall office decor.

Longer Hours

The modern employee is no longer guaranteed the traditional nine to five schedule. To accommodate this longer day, businesses are investing in more comfortable seating so the employee can still work comfortably long after the sun has set. This could mean ergonomic chairs with plenty of extra settings so the individual can fit the chair to his body, or extra features like molded foam seating for a bit of extra padding.

Focus on the Environment

Modern businesses are working to demonstrate a stronger commitment to the environment. When it comes to choosing an office chair, this could mean choosing chairs made from recycled materials and ensuring the chair can be recycled once again in the future. It also means choosing chairs made from low-emitting materials to protect indoor air quality or choosing a local supplier to reduce the pollution associated with transporting these products.

Keep all of these trends and ideas in mind when looking at different office furniture companies, like Office Furniture Barn.