Fixing Your Ground-Floor Apartment Lighting Problems: Ideas For You

When you move into your ground-floor apartment you are excited because it is an easier space to keep cool in the summer, and can even be easier to keep cozy in the winter. However, there is one problem that seems to plague many ground-floor apartments. That problem is lighting. Many such apartments feel as though you are living in a fancy underground cave with only a small trickle of light coming through small, half underground windows. If you are living in a ground-level apartment and do not want to feel as if you are trapped in a cave no matter what time of day it is, get to know some of the ways that you can brighten up your apartment and make it feel less cave-like. 

Add Decorative Hanging Lanterns and Other Varied Lighting

One of the biggest lighting mistakes you can make in a ground-floor apartment is to have uniform lighting throughout the apartment or even in a room. Lamps that are all the same height or relying entirely on permanent overhead light fixtures can make your apartment feel smaller, even if it is bathed in light from those fixtures.

If you want to make your space feel brighter and more open, you need to mix it up with your lighting choices. Adding decorative hanging lanterns to your lighting scheme is one way to accomplish this as well as to make your apartment more interesting and unique.

Adding decorative hanging lanterns, table lamps, and tall stand-alone lamps to your rooms will help you to keep everything varied, mimicking the shadows and depth of natural light as much as possible. The key is to keep it fun and avoid bathing your home in uniform light.

Choose Bright Wall Colors

The colors you use in your ground-floor apartment can make all the difference in the world when it comes to whether your apartment feels dark and small or light and spacious. Dark colors like deep reds, purples, or the like will add to the darkness of the apartment. And white or beige walls are just too plain and uniform to make a difference.

Adding a brightly colored accent wall or painting an entire room a bright, vibrant color will brighten up the space even if you do not add extra lighting in addition. The key is not to worry about how light the color is but how bright. This means that intense colors are fine as long as they have a bright tone like cerulean, turquoise, yellow, or certain shades of orange.

Now that you have a few ideas about ways to help brighten up your ground-level apartment, you can get started ensuring that your new apartment does not feel like a cave for very long. Then, you can enjoy the cool comfort of your home while also feeling as if you have a vibrant and open space to enjoy it in.