4 Tips For Buying Granite Countertops On A Budget

You might love the look of granite countertops, but if you are on a budget, you might not think that they are an option for you. It's true that granite countertops can be quite expensive, but there are a few cost-cutting measures that you can take to save a surprising amount of money. Try these tips if you have your heart set on granite but don't want to drain your bank account.

1. Look for Remnants

Granite is typically cut from a large sheet into one piece that is designed to be installed in a person's home. If there is an error in the cutting process or a lot of leftover, the granite might be sold as a remnant. It will be tough to find large remnants if you are covering a lot of counter space, but if you're only covering a small area -- such as if you are redoing the countertops in a small bathroom -- then this could be a good option for you. Before buying, ask your supplier if there are any remnants available.

2. Choose a Thinner Sheet of Granite

Higher-quality granite is usually thicker. Once the granite is installed, however, it shouldn't make a big difference if it's thin or thick. Opting for a thinner sheet of granite can save you a lot of money and will still yield similar results.

3. Opt for a Less-Popular Choice

Some sheets of granite are much more popular than others. People tend to love granite that has complicated designs or that come in certain colors like black or grey. If you're willing to be flexible and choose a sheet that has a simpler design or a less common color, then you might be able to score better deals. Additionally, instead of planning your granite colors around the other colors in the room, consider choosing your granite countertops first and then choosing your paint colors and such around them.

4. Have It Installed in "Tiles"

Installers who put in granite countertops have quite a job to do. One thing that can make this easier -- and save you a significant amount of money on installation costs -- is to cut the granite into tiles and install it in a similar manner as tile would be installed, with grout joints. If you're willing to have your granite countertops installed in this manner, you can shave down your installation costs significantly. Plus, you might find that you prefer the distinct look of grouted granite tiles.

As you can see, there are a few cost-cutting options that you can take if you want to buy granite countertops but want to minimize your cost. For more information, consult professionals like almagranite.biz.