Keeping The Common Areas And Apartment Complex Clubhouse Tidy: Inexpensive Options

If you manage an apartment complex, and it has its own pool, clubhouse, and several "common" areas, you may be doing a lot of work to keep these areas tidy. You may even be asking all of the tenants to chip in and clean the common areas. Really, that job should belong to a cleaning or maintenance crew. If you cannot afford to hire a crew to do the job daily, you might consider some of the following services to assist you.

Limit the Number of Occupants and Parties in the Clubhouse/Pool

Just as restaurants and elevators limit the number of people who can be inside, so can you limit the number of occupants in the apartment complex's clubhouse. If your tenants want to throw a small party, they have to get the keys to the clubhouse from you and sign an agreement stating they will not have more than "x" number of guests. That way, the mess that ensues is contained and should not be as large or unmanageable as one might expect.

Hire Weekly or One-Time Rental Property Cleaning Services

To keep hallways, stairs and the clubhouse clean, you can hire cleaning services. The service provider can clean weekly, monthly, seasonally or one just one time for cleanups (such as the cleanings that are needed after tenants use the clubhouse for a party). One-time services and monthly cleanings are often the least expensive options, plus they can save time for both you and your tenants. You can go about the business of managing the property without worrying about squeezing in cleaning time. Your tenants can relax and have a good time in the clubhouse without worrying about cleanup the next day.

Provide Garbage Cans and Recycling Bins in the Common Areas

Often the trash that collects in common areas, such as hallways and entryways, collects because there is no good place to throw out junk mail and food wrappers when you are coming and going. If you provide your tenants with garbage cans and recycling bins near the entryways and/or the mailboxes, the trash is less likely to accumulate on the floor or gather under the stairs when the wind that enters the building through open doors and blows the bits of paper and other debris there. While it may not deter everyone from tossing things onto the floors in the hallways and entryways, it will help and encourage other tenants to keep the apartment building clean.