4 Tips For Caring For Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is very popular, and for good reason, as it gives a room a rich, timeless look. If you plan on having solid hardwood floors installed in your home, it is important to know how to care for them so you can protect your investment. Use the following tips to prevent damage and to keep your hardwood flooring looking great for many years to come:

Keep Dirt Away from Your Flooring

Dirt, sand, grit, and other outdoor debris can be very damaging to hardwood floors and may cause scratches, dents, and a dulling of the flooring's finish over time. This is because dirt and other debris are very abrasive, so in essence it can almost act like sandpaper against the top of the flooring. One easy way to greatly limit the amount of dirt, sand, and grit that your flooring is exposed to is to place mats or rugs adjacent to doors that lead outside so they can pick up the debris from people's shoes before they walk on your wood flooring.

Avoid Oil Soaps

Many people with hardwood floors make the mistake of thinking that oil soaps are a gentle cleanser for wood floors. In reality, using oil soap to clean hardwood flooring can result in a thick soap residue forming on the surface of the wood, which can make your flooring look dull. The residue from oil soap can also make it more difficult to properly refinish your wood flooring as it gets older. When you get wood floors, make sure you use a product that is specifically designed to clean hardwood flooring, as these cleansers won't leave a residue or strip away the finish of the wood.

Protect from the Sun

If an area of hardwood flooring is continually exposed to strong direct sunlight, over time it will most likely begin to fade and discolor. The last thing you want is a patch of flooring that looks different than the rest of the flooring in the room, so protect your wood by putting up blinds, curtains, or at least sheer panels on the windows that let in direct sunlight every day.

Move Furniture Properly

When moving furniture in a room with hardwood flooring, never drag a piece of furniture as this can cause deep scratches or even denting to your beautiful hardwood flooring. Always make sure that furniture is picked up away from the floor and carried to its new position in the room. 

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