3 Must-Know Tips If You Have Wood Flooring

Updating the flooring in your home can be a great way to increase its aesthetic and financial value. Wood flooring is an option that many modern homeowners are taking advantage of when it comes to completing a flooring upgrade in their homes. While wood floors can look great, they require maintenance in order to keep them looking their best.

Here are three must-know tips to keep in mind as you care for your wood flooring in the future.

1. Use socks when moving furniture.

If you like to rearrange your furniture on a regular basis, your wood flooring could sustain some serious scratches while your furniture is being moved. In order to ensure that your wood flooring can withstand regular redecorating, you can rely on some old pairs of socks for protection.

Placing socks on the bottoms of furniture legs will prevent the legs from scratching or gouging your wood floors. As an added bonus, the socks will help your furniture slide more easily across the floor. This will reduce the amount of effort needed to rearrange your furniture in the future.

2. Use an iron to remove dents.

Natural wood flooring can become dented over time if you wear heels while walking on the floor, have a pet whose nails come into contact with the floor, or move furniture across your flooring. These dents are considered unsightly, and many homeowners think they need to invest in costly plank replacements in order to get rid of them.

If you notice dents in your hardwood flooring, you can use a clothing iron to affordably get rid of them. Use a squirt bottle to get the dented area wet, then cover it with a damp paper towel. Run a clothing iron set to 'steam' over the paper towel in a circular motion, and your floor's dent should come right up.

3. Use baby power to eliminate creaks.

As wood flooring ages, it can become noisy when walked on. If you notice that your flooring has started to squeak and creak, you can use baby powder to help eliminate these audible malfunctions.

Sprinkle baby powder over the creaking area, then use a soft paintbrush to work the powder into the cracks. As the cracks fill, the creaking will be eliminated. 

Caring for your wood flooring doesn't have to be challenging. By keeping a few simple tips in mind, you can keep your wood flooring looking presentable well into the future.