3 Fencing Design Ideas to Give Your Landscaping a Rustic Country Look

If you want to have a fence installed around your home, you may want it to match the design of your home. For rustic designs, there are many options for fencing that will match your home. You may want something that is a little different than the typical wood fence, such as a wood frame and chicken-wire fence, log pickets, or timber fencing. Here are some fencing design ideas to give you a rustic-looking fence to match your home.

1. Cables Wire and Wood Frames to Create a Rustic-Looking Fence

Cables wire, louvers, and cable wiring can all be used with wood frames to create a fence around areas like a patio. This can be a great, attractive fence design to add to the space of your home that is outdoors. If you want to separate a patio area from the landscaping, you may want to consider using patio louvers to create an outdoor living space with an attractive material that can blend in with rustic designs. Wire mesh and cables can also be used for fencing with wood-framed sections. This can be good for lower fences, for decks, or as a solution to enclose your entire backyard.

2. A Fence That Matches a Log Cabin with a Picket Fence Made of Tree Trunks

If you have a log cabin and want to have a fence that fits the atmosphere, there are many options for designs using raw tree materials. You can use trunks of trees to create a picket fence that has a unique, natural look. There are also designs that can use tree branches mounted to posts vertically for an interesting design. These natural materials will match your log cabin and give your home a warm, country feeling.

3. Using Timber and Conventional Lumber with a Natural Finish to Match Your Home

Timber materials come in a variety of different options, such as materials made of spruce and other tree species that are ideal for the outdoors. You can use these materials to create a unique-looking fence. For example, instead of a typical picket fence, you can get tongue-and-groove materials to create a vertical design. Another option is to build the frame of the fence with heavy timbers and then use other materials like wicker to fill in the sections of the fence.

These are some fence design ideas to give your home a fence that matches your home. If you are ready for a new fence but want a unique design, contact a patio louver and talk with them about some of these ideas for rustic enclosures around your home.