Attracting Bluebirds With The Proper Placement And Type Of Birdhouses

If you have noticed several bluebirds flying around your property, you may have considered giving them birdhouses to use for their living quarters so they frequent your yard a bit more. Bluebirds are a delight to watch and will be appreciative of the proper birdhouses to use for their homes. Here are some tips you can use to help lure these birds to stay in your yard with the proper type of of homes and best placement to keep them happy.

Select Single Dwelling Homes For Bluebird Use

It is best to pick out small birdhouses for sale that will allow for a single bird to stay inside each one. Some birds, such as the purple martin, prefer to stay in apartment style homes with several other birds of their species. This type of home will not attract bluebirds as they prefer to live solo. Wooden birdhouses will work well in attracting bluebirds to stay inside. 

Consider How Far To Position Houses Apart

These should be positioned approximately 50-75 yards away from each other. Bluebirds will each have their own designated space, making it favorable for them to settle down inside the birdhouses you provide for them. Since these birds are known to fight with each other, this will reduce the amount of squawking you will hear in your yard if several decide to take up residence on your grounds.

Keep The Birdhouses Raised Off The Ground

Bluebirds prefer birdhouses that are nailed or hung from trees so they have a view of the entire property to search for food. Keeping their houses several feet off the ground will also ensure they are kept safe from ground predators. If you have a cat or dogs, an ample height will also keep the birds safe from unnecessary demise.

Prepare For Subsequent Visitors

Leave your bluebird nesting boxes up after birds appear to have moved out of them. The boxes will be reused by future birds if they are kept in a clean condition. Check inside birdhouses at the end of the warmer season to see if they are vacant, and take the time to clean them out in their entirety so other birds will be more apt to move in the next season. This can be done with help from a vacuum cleaner with a crevice attachment tool to remove any left behind grass, dirt, or straw. You can also rinse out birdhouses with a garden hose and allow them to dry in a sunny spot before hanging them back up for use.