Top 2021 Interior Design Trends

Luxury homes usually have unique features and high-end décor. However, as years pass by, even the trendiest features installed long ago may become obsolete. Besides, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, you are probably spending most of your time indoors. If that's the case, staring at your current home design every day can get boring.

If you want your home to stay up with the latest trends, read on to learn about a few of the top 2021 interior home design trends. 

Ornamental Joinery

You could be having a huge walk-in closet and storage areas with MDF doors in your luxury home. However, you should incorporate ornamental joinery. Joinery entails the enhancement of your wooden drawer surfaces. For instance, you can enhance the surface details of your in-built wardrobes by incorporating tongue and groove lines on the door surfaces instead of having plain MDF boards. A luxury interior designer can show you a variety of woodwork designs that could fit the theme of your luxury home.

Textured Furnishings

You might be having glass pane doors, marble tile surfaces, and fantastic wallpaper ideas in your luxury home. Although these features may be stunning, you need to invest in textured furniture, including kitchen cabinets and bathroom drawers. The furnishings give your home the renaissance touch that you so much need. You should thus venture into slat-like grooved surfaces in your entire home. 

Open Plan Kitchen Designs

As much as open-plan kitchens are common in luxury homes, you try and utilize the excess space. Designers bring forth different options such as dividing or screening open-plan spaces with sliding curtains and room dividers. You can also add some trendy furnishings such as comfortable seats to allow for flexible use of your kitchen. 

Bold Vases

Currently, you might be having ordinary vases for holding your flowers, and the vases no longer stand out. You can set up an enormous colored vase in your living room area, bedroom, or even bathroom. The vases come in unique shapes, and having an oversized designed vase can make them stand out from ordinary vases. You can also order custom-made vase designs. You can also use these statement vases as standalone pieces of art apart from holding your flowers.

Investing in ornamental joinery, textured furnishings, open plan kitchens, and bold vases are excellent luxury interior design ideas. You should consider implementing them in your home and enjoy that new look.