Pool Enclosure Screen Repairs That May Be Needed Due To Holes, Rips, And Age Of The Screen

When your pool enclosure is old, the screen is more susceptible to rips from wind, movement of the enclosure, and animal damage than it is when the screen is new. When a screen panel comes loose or a screen rips, you'll want repairs right away so you keep birds and insects out of your pool area and so your enclosure isn't an eyesore. Here's a look at pool enclosure screen repair options and when they need to be done.

Patch Holes And Tears

A small tear should be repaired promptly because it could get much bigger. When small holes and tears are repaired with patches, the repaired area is visible. For that reason, you don't want the rip getting bigger, or the patch will need to be bigger too, and it might make your screen unsightly.

You might repair small tears and holes yourself with a patch kit if you can reach the damaged area safely. A pool enclosure screen repair company might patch areas higher off the ground, but the company may recommend replacing the screen panel instead so there is no patch that affects the appearance of the enclosure.

A large tear is usually repaired by replacing the screen panel rather than patch the tear, especially if the tear is high off the ground. This keeps your enclosure from looking messy with a large patch, plus it protects the screen since a large patch may not last very long and the screen could get pulled out if the patch fails.

Repair Damage On Top Of The Enclosure

When you call a pool enclosure screen repair company, let them know the type and location of the damage you need to have repaired. Some companies may not repair the tops of birdcage screens since they are high off the ground. It takes special equipment and skill to replace screen panels on tall enclosures.

Replace Screen Panels

If you've ever had to replace the screen in a window screen, you can understand how enclosure screens are replaced since the process is the same. The screen panels are larger, but just like window screens, the edges of the screen lock into grooves in the enclosure with a spline. The work has to be done carefully so the screen is flat and level and so there are no wrinkles in the screen fabric. This job can be challenging when the screen replacement needs to be done while working on ladders high off of the ground.

Screen panels need to be replaced due to rips, but the repair person may recommend changing other panels due to old age. If one or more screens are damaged, that could be a sign the screen is old and other panels will soon develop damage too.