4 Benefits Of Awnings For Restaurants

These days, outdoor dining is becoming more and more popular. And creating a welcoming space for your customers begins with shade. There are many benefits to using an awning over your outdoor dining area.

1. Increase Seating Revenue

Your profit margin is very much limited by your space, but it may not always make financial sense to open a second location or move to a larger building. If you have the possibility for outdoor seating on your property, then putting in a dining patio can increase seating and revenue with very little initial outlay beyond a few tables and a commercial awning to provide some shade. Many cities are even opening up parts of sidewalks for restaurants to put in outdoor seating, so this path to increased revenue may even be available for restaurants in dense urban areas. 

2. Provide 4-Season Options

Many people love to dine outdoors, but in some climates, this may seem like a summer-only option. The good news is that with a quality awning and some outdoor heaters, your customers can enjoy their meals outdoors year-round. Skip shade umbrellas as these are only suitable for fair weather. Heavy-duty fixed commercial awnings can withstand some wind and lots of moisture. You can also hang side curtains from them, which can be used to block the wind and rain or deflect heat inside the dining space during cold weather.

3. Broaden Your Branding

Awnings provide one more surface on which you can advertise your brand. Opt for custom-made awnings that are in your brand colors and feature your restaurant name or logo prominently. These will catch the eye of passers-by, helping to draw them into your restaurant. Further, there is simply something welcoming about a brightly covered patio that is filled with happy diner patrons eating and chatting. Your restaurant will be branded as an enjoyable place to grab a bite to eat, which will help attract new customers. 

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Waiting for seating on a busy day isn't much fun for the average restaurant patron. By providing increased indoor and outdoor seating options, you can help shorten the wait time and reduce customer frustration. For those busy days when those waiting for a table spill out in front of the restaurant, a covered area to wait can also help to reduce the number of customers that decide to go dine elsewhere. Awnings satisfy customers by providing lower wait times, seating options, and more comfort when a wait is unavoidable.

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