Upgrading Your Landscaping With A Lawn Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system can be a feature that will enable you to drastically reduce the amount of work that you will have to do to maintain your landscaping. While this is an important upgrade to make to your property, it is also relatively complex. This will require a property owner to have a thorough understanding of these systems so that they can make effective plans and decisions about them.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems Can Reduce Your Landscaping Water Usage

Watering the lawn can be one of the largest contributing needs for your home's water usage during the spring and summer months. Not surprisingly, individuals will typically look for options that can reduce their overall water usage while still ensuring that the lawn is getting the water that it needs. This is due to the ability to perfectly position the sprinklers to provide comprehensive coverage for the lawn while minimizing the amount of water that is being wasted on areas where there is no grass growing. As an added benefit, these systems can be put on a timer so that the risk of overwatering them is avoided. These systems can also be fitted with a sensor that will allow them to detect when it has rained recently so that the sprinklers will avoid activating.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems Will Need To Be Protected Against Freezing Temperatures

During the winter months, the lawn sprinkler system will have to be protected against freezing temperatures. When the temperature drops to below freezing, it could be possible for any water in the lawn sprinkler system to turn to ice and expand in size enough to rupture the pipes. During each fall, the sprinkler system should be winterized, which will largely involve removing any excess water from the pipes and securing the sprinkler heads in the retracted position. These simple steps can significantly reduce the risk that you will need to have major repairs done to the sprinkler system.

You Will Not Have To Completely Redo Your Landscaping to Install A Sprinkler System

A reason that a person may not think about installing a sprinkler system is that it will require much of the landscaping to be torn up and redone to allow for the sprinklers to be installed. While it will be necessary to dig a trench that is deep enough for the pipes that feed the sprinkler heads, a professional lawn sprinkler installation service should be able to keep these trenches as small as possible while avoiding causing extensive collateral damage to the surrounding areas.

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