4 Reasons To Put Seamless Gutters On Your Home

If your old metal gutters need to be replaced, consider choosing seamless gutters for the replacement. The seamless troughs have advantages over sectional gutters that are pieced together and have seams that cause problems. Below are four reasons to put seamless gutters on your home.

1. They Have A More Attractive Appearance

Seamless gutters come in different colors, so they look nice on your house. Plus, since they aren't fitted together, there aren't any seams that make unattractive lines on the gutters. Since the troughs are seamless, they are a single piece of smooth metal that has a neat appearance for a gutter system.

2. The Troughs Don't Snag Leaves And Debris

Another benefit of not having seams is that leaves wash through the troughs without getting stuck. Gutter troughs fill with leaves, twigs, seeds, pine needles, and tree fluff depending on the type of trees you have.

When you have sectional gutters with seams, the seams create a slight hump that can snag the debris in the gutters. This can cause debris to pile up and create a dam that blocks rain drainage. If rain backs up due to the dam, water can get under your roof or leak over the sides of the troughs and get your siding or basement wet.

This problem is eliminated when you install seamless gutters. The troughs won't have seams, and your installer may also cut and fit the downspout to the trough to eliminate the need for an elbow and excess seams around the downspout.

3. The Risk Of Seam Leaking Is Eliminated

Another problem with seams in sectional gutters is that the seams can work loose. If a gap develops in a seam, the rain will fall through, and that could lead to water damage to your home. Rain needs to roll down the trough and into the downspout so it can drain far from your home's foundation. When the trough is seamless, the risk of leaky gutters is greatly reduced.

4. Your Home Has Better Protection

Seamless gutters provide your home with the best protection from rain. Since the risk of dams forming is much lower, that also lowers the risk of the trough sagging due to too much weight in the trough from debris and water. There's a lower risk of water spilling over the sides and causing your basement to get wet or causing the wall behind the siding to mold.

A gutter contractor can explain more about seamless gutters and compare their cost with the sectional variety so you can decide which gutter system is right for your home.