How To Choose A Modern Office Chair Based On Trends

The humble office chair is much more than just a place to sit as you tap away at a computer; it's also a way to protect your body from the effects of poor posture, as well as an important design element in its own right. Rather than simply choosing a chair based on what looks good or feels good, consider choosing chairs inspired by the latest office design trends. These chairs will not only provide comfort and style, but may also contribute to company goals like fostering creativity and maximizing flexibility among employees. Read More 

The Simplest Ways To Clean Your Window Treatments

Window treatments can make a room feel lively and fresh--until they get dusty and dirty, that is. Unfortunately, cleaning blinds, drapes or shades is typically an unpleasant task that nobody really enjoys, so it gets put off until the layer of dirt gets pretty thick. Put an end to your dirty drapery issues with the tips below, which will show you the easiest way to clean each classically tough-to-clean style of window treatment in a flash. Read More 

Going Beyond Green: What A Metal Roof Can Do For You

Going green is on the forefront of a lot of construction movements. But when it comes to metal roofs, some people have trouble understanding what it is about them that makes them "green." Equally, they want to know what a metal roof can do for them beyond its environmental friendliness. Green Roofing Criteria You can tell what makes a metal roof green by seeing what makes other roofs the opposite of green. Read More 

Don’t Pull Weeds Or Your Back, Use Landscaping Fabric

One danger of sitting dormant all winter long, then springing into action in April or May as you try to get garden going, is that you will strain your back. In fact, back pain is one of the most common pests to plague gardeners. One reason for the growth of back pain in the spring is that gardeners' backs are not used to the strain, and when they go to pull weeds, they pull their back muscles instead. Read More 

3 Things To Do Before You Install Your Pool

Are you planning to install a pool on your property? A pool can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, spend more time with friends and family, and possibly increase the value of your home. However, a pool is also a big undertaking. If anything goes wrong during the installation process, your schedule could be delayed and you could face added expenses. It's important that you're fully prepared for installation before your contractor begins work. Read More